kuzriyo (kuzriyo) wrote in magical_m,

Renovation of WizzHard and Muggle Books!

The upcoming few weeks there will be some changes made to WizzHards and Muggle Books, the (fan)fiction section of our lovely board. This might mean that sometimes you will not be able to find something in WizzHards or Muggle Books or that you will just be confused. My apologies for this. I hope that in the end it will be easier to find (fan)fiction in both forums and that the two sections will once more be brought back to live.

Changes that will definete be made are: a Master List of Completed MM (Fan) Fiction sorted by genre, a Master List of MM Works in Progress sorted by genre, a (Fan)Fiction Help Section and New Challenges and Awards.


Any suggestions are very much welcomed. Please PM me (riyo@magicalmenagerie) if you have any ideas or just comment here.




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and it looks GORGEOUS!
I just want to post and say that you are doing such a great job, Riyo!!!!!