Zonko's Summer Clean-Up on Tuesday 2nd Aug, 2005 12:21 pm

Hello lovely MM'ers! ^_^

If you haven't noticed already, Zonko's is closed for the time being because I looked into it last night and decided it needs some major cleaning up! After the Hacker Attack, it left Zonko's very messy and unfortunately, most of the newer game threads are gone...

So, I hope that once it's good and ready, you will continue to have fun and enjoy each others company, playing each other and just racking up those house points! ;-)

Be sure to keep a look out for its come back!

kB, Zonko's Mischief Manager ^.^


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June/July Winner and August Theme on Monday 1st Aug, 2005 4:42 pm

Following in Kit's footsteps I want to congratulate Carolyn for winning the June/July competition with her alternative HBP cover. *claps*

August’s theme is action. Draw your favorite action moment from any of the HP books. Examples: the Trio coming face to face with Fluffy, Dobby dropping the cake, the Trio and Sirius and/or Snape watching/confronting Remus in werewolf form, any of the Triwizard challenges, the face off in the department of mystery, Hermione firing off those ducks.

Submission will be accepted through August 23rd.


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MM Graphics Challenge Updates on Wednesday 24th Aug, 2005 2:27 pm

June/July Challenge: Congrats to Kreal for winning the June/July Graphics challenge with her wonderfull wallpaper!

August Challenge: This one's for all you 'shippers out there.

This months graphics challenge will be 100x100 avatars, with the theme of your favorite Harry Potter 'ship.

Go here for the rest of the challenge specifications!


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MM is doing right now (Grrr, EzWhore!!!) ... This will be posted in "The Ice Cream Parlor" eventually but for right now, I get EW articles free from AOL and they have an exclusive with GoF's director and some insight into the remaining 3 films .. You all know that Daniel has confirmed for Movie #5(my gut tells me that he will do all 7 but baby steps) so on to the article ...

This article is a bit spoilerish where the movie is concerned and near the end .. also where Book 6 is concerned .. but I will mark the place where they begin talking about Book 6 spoilers ...

Ready, Aim & FireCollapse )


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1 Day Left till HBP!!! on Thursday 14th Jul, 2005 1:51 pm

So, with EzWHORE being down, I know all of us are in dire need of MM fix... It's been 3 days and there hasn't been any progress nor updates from the people to blame! :p But in the meantime, since I miss my fellow MM'ers, I thought we could hang out here for now...

I am sooo excited that we are almost there.. Just 1 more day and it feels like Christmas! Teehee! So here's a few questions that might help keep us all busy and keep us stay sane for the next day or so.. ;-)

1. Have any of you pre-ordered your HBP copy or are you going to buy it when it comes out on Saturday?

2. Are you guys going to an HBP themed party? Or midnight release party?
--I myself have pre-ordered the book and will definitely go to the midnight release. I don't fancy waiting till 10 in the morning to pick up my book.. I don't like having it shipped because I am greedy and want to make sure that I get it. Anything can happen to shipping/deliveries so they might not have the book for me in time! LOL!

3. Are any of you like me, who will read and finish the book in one seating and read it again, or will you take your time?

Erm, that's pretty much all I can think about right now... I sort of had a hard time sleeping last night because a certain bird told me a teeny weeny bit of thing that got me all excited... Mind, it was just a matter of answering a mere yes or no! Haha!

And oh, one more thing, when MM is finally up (hopefully soon--like NOW! lol..) PLEASE make sure that you are all careful enough to label your posts/threads as SPOILER just so others who haven't read or not yet finished reading the book to be spoiled...

Well, that is all!!!

Cheers! ^_^


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MM UPDATE edit: IT'S UP!!!!!!! on Thursday 14th Jul, 2005 1:37 pm

*dances insanely* MM IS BACK UP!!

I figured I'd make a new topic to make sure that everyone would see it:

Ezboard is now reporting that all boards have been moved to their new servers.

update: All boards have been moved off of p077 by this point. However, there is a problem with some boards' automatic redirects (to their new addresses). We are currently addressing this issue, and will let you know when it has been resolved.

I will put all new updates on this topic, but it sounds like it's almost done, and we'll have our MM back soon *_*


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MM downtime on Wednesday 13th Jul, 2005 7:15 pm

Well, I've been keeping track of Magical Menagerie's server status in the ezboard server status forum, and what they have to report now is that the server is still down, but they are moving all p077 boards to p102.

P077 is Down


Update - 2:47 PM Pacific Time (-8 GMT)
We are moving all boards off of p077 over to p102. At this time we do not know how long this process will take to complete. While this process is running p102 will experience slowness.

We will post an update when new information becomes available.

I'll try to keep you all updated while they keep us updated. :D


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Honorary Hufflepuffs and HBP party in 3Broomsticks on Monday 11th Jul, 2005 11:10 am

First and foremost, I'd like to welcome once more our lovely Honorary Hufflepuff guests! We are just very excited and thrilled to have you all around! ^_^

Secondly, I just want to let you all know that an HBP countdown party is now set up in the common room, so be sure to stop by! Also, don't forget to submit your birthday info in the Birthday Book thread so I can add you in it! ^_^ If any of you know any fellow honorary huffles who don't have an LJ and can contact them, please kindly let them know what's up and about! Greatly appreciated if you could do that!

As for the rest of you MM'ers, I've also started a party thread for HBP so you all can go there to party hard! *grin* Guests and dates are welcome of course! *wink* LOADS of food and drink all around! =D

Lastly, please be advised that there shouldn't be a separate thread for any HBP discussion in the 3Broomsticks once the book is finally released. I'm assuming that all of you know by now that there's an appropriate forum for that. So all discussion shall go there. And while we are in this topic, please please label your threads as SPOILER in consideration of others who don't want to be spoiled. Thank you!

Like Matty said in the last entry, if you've got any guestions, let us all know!

kB, Hufflepuff HoH


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HBP Book Release MM Parties ... on Saturday 2nd Jul, 2005 8:50 pm

Alright everyone ... HBP is almost here ... The MM needs to plan .. Everyone should try to do HBP themed things in their Houses .. the HBP Forum is HBP Central for any news and info and spoilers .. please label all threads *Spoilerish* if that's what they are ... All the Mods of the different forums are welcomed to do HBP related stuff ... so start now .. 13 days to go .. if you have any suggestions and you are not a Mod, then let us know!


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May Fan Art Winner on Tuesday 31st May, 2005 2:55 pm

Congratulations to Carolyn for winning May’s Magical Creatures theme. She won for her drawing of phoenix.

Be sure to report your points!


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Magical Menagerie Problems on Tuesday 31st May, 2005 1:40 pm

Edited: 6/4/05

I am adding a link to a post on MM that has links to all of Ezboards posts on the attacks as well as updates and the condition of Magical Menagerie itself: It can be found HERE.

This is a post asking if anyone else is having problems with access to Magical Menagerie, and to post their problems here.

Right now the problems I'm encountering are:
~No posting access because of no board membership
~Can't view several topics, but can view others
~Came across one thread where most of the posts had been lost: HERE.

I sure hope, that whatever it is will be resolved soon (and I'm sure the problem is ezboard's fault in the first place.)

*runs off to check the bug forum for similar cases*

Matty, Keely, we neeeeeed you!

EDIT and UPDATE: Ok, it seems MM wasn't the only ezboard hit, seems like many have lost members, posts were gutted and even lost money from the community chest, along with their community chest records: http://p079.ezboard.com/fbugsfrm66

Ezboards explanations, here: http://p079.ezboard.com/fezboardimportantannouncements.showMessage?topicID=504.topic


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May Fan Art Voting Thread on Monday 23rd May, 2005 11:48 am

The VOTING THREAD for Magical Creatures, the May Fan Art theme is up in Ollivanders. It will be open until Sunday, May 30th. Please be sure to drop by and vote; we had three awesome submissions by our talented MMers.


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Blend Challenge Voting on Monday 23rd May, 2005 1:09 am

Ok, the blend challenge voting is taking place in Ollivanders in this thread.

This month's challenge was to make a blend of your favorite actor. There are many great submissions to see, so go check them out and vote!

Voting will take place until the 28th, and the winner will be announced on the 29th!


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MM Fan Art Theme for May: Magical Creatures on Monday 2nd May, 2005 11:58 am

May's theme is: Magical Creatures. Draw any creature from the HP world ... owls, unicorns, house elves, three headed dogs, dragons, etc. The SUBMISSION THREAD will be open until Sunday, May 22nd. Monday, May 23 I'll put up the voting thread which will be open until Sunday, May 29th with the winner announced Monday, May 30th.

Remember you are now allowed to submit up to 3 entries per month. You get 15 pts for the first and 10 pts for the other two. ONLY 1 ENTRY MAY BE VOTED ON. You must choose which entry to be voted on, if you don't I will pick for you.


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A Few Announcements ... on Saturday 30th Apr, 2005 3:55 pm

Hi Everyone!

Well the Spring 2005 MM House Cup Celebration has come and gone and it was a tremendous success.  We got a lot of participation by everyone who is active, and a lot of new members as well.  Gotta love it. 

I have to give a shout out to ALL the MM Regulars who keep coming back and have turned it into the wonderful place that it is ... such as?

Jade, Laurels, Ajay, Kit, Kreal, kB, Marian, Riyo, Pami, Serena, Kim, Heather, Caley, Renee, Kimmie, Joey, Robyn, and then some new regulars(well new as in they have been with us less than 6 months) Carolyn, Clau, Tara, LadyG, and others and I KNOW I am forgetting people and I AM SO SORRY but i am thinking from the top of my head here ... I LOVE YOU ALL!

Alrighty ...

  • Please take note that we are about 75 Days away from the Release of "Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince" ... Make sure to click on the HP News/Friends link at the top to keep up with the latest as reported through "The Leaky Cauldron's" blog newsline. 
  • Next Sunday, May 7th, will be the Broadcast premiere of "Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets" on ABC, in the United States(in other countries, if you get ABC, check your local listings) Why is this important? Not only is it HP BUT the Trio will be on hand to talk about the upcoming release of "Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire" in November, and scenes from that film along with a trailer will be debuted.
  • Since the House Cup is over, you can still show your House Pride all you'd like but remember that Pride Points Earning is over until One Month Prior to the Fall/October 2005 House Cup.
  • Also if you are following the Moonaria Series at MM, we now have Moonaria Star #'s in Ollivanders, so do not be left out.

That's all for now! 



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Title : Initiation
Rating : NC-17
Type : Short Fic
Genre : Drama
Main Character : Lucius Malfoy/Other
Brief Summary : The twisted initiation rituals of the Death Eaters...
Email Contact/PM : flamewench321@hotmail.com
Screen Name : bellanoche985

I sat on the cold floor, waiting for something, anything, to happen. My breath was ragged, coming out in hoarse gasps. I clutched at the sudden stab of pain that seared through my side. My hand was now dripping with warm blood. The stone floor was frigid, burning like ice against my bare thighs. I had no knowledge of where I was. The room was too dark to see much of anything. I tried vainly to bring myself out of my crumpled fetal position, but was far too weak.

Suddenly, I felt the frozen bite of cold metal crush into my hand. The vacuous room was filled with a sickening crunching noise. I would have vomited right then if my stomach hadn't already been empty. I tried to scream between my dry heaves, but my cries were muffled by an icy hand against my mouth. My blood ran cold. I glanced up to the stolid figure forcing my silence. He smiled. A condescending, callous smile that did not reach his ruthless gray eyes. Gradually, he lifted his elaborate silver and black walking stick from my bleeding hand. I could no longer feel the injured digits. A malevolent sneer flickered across his features. I instantly became aware that nothing covered my prone figure but a thin silken shawl, now draped lazily over my left knee. Hastily, I snatched the scant garment and shielded my bare skin from his scrutinizing eyes. He scoffed at my modesty. It was then that I realized I was blushing.

To read the rest of the fic, please go here


Reviews are appreciated!!!


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Magical Menegerie is now #1! on Tuesday 26th Apr, 2005 6:37 pm

I just wanted to share the great news that MM has become the top Ezboard Harry Potter site!

There were 20 people at the board earlier, 12 of them being lurkers. Ever aware of how MM is ranked in the ezboard search system, I decided to check how we were doing. I am pleased to know we have moved from #3 to #1.

Thanks everyone for loving MM and for bringing it to other people's attention!


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MM House Cup Celebration on Friday 22nd Apr, 2005 9:10 am

Is underway!   The Spring 2005 New House Cup Champion is Ravenclaw :Clap:

From April 22nd until April 29th ...

Can anyone think of Themes for the Theme Party Thread that we will have on the 29th?

Example : Masquerade Party

Please suggest them ... I will put up a voting thread in a couple of days at the board for people to vote on their favorites ...

All the Houses are opened to everyone, so make sure to stop by and congratulate all the new Prefects and Head Boy/Girl  ....

Have fun!


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Points Reminder to All Houses on Wednesday 20th Apr, 2005 6:09 pm

If you want your points to count towards the house cup be sure to report them to your HoH by 11 PM US Central Time tomorrow, Thursday April 21st.

Good luck everyone, but especially Slytherin House. ;o)


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OK I'm doing this one a bit early this week because I might not be on later in the week. Again I waved the mouse about and picked the one it landed on. It's not an ego trip... really!

Title : The Cynic and The Werewolf
Author : Jade
E-mail : jadekirk007@yahoo.co.uk
Rating : NC17 (To be on the safe side)
Pairings : Remus/Dan Starkey Jade/Harry Potter (implied)
Fandoms : Divorcing Jack/Harry Potter crossover
Summary : Remus apparates to an unexpected location and finds an unlikely friend and more in a drunken cynic. Can they sort out their differences and work together to survive after Remus inadvertently creates a new potion?

Author's Note : This contains slash so if you're offended, don't read. Takes place after the movie and contains spoilers for the DJ movie/book and all 5 HP books. Might contain spoilers for the DJ sequels (in book form). This fic will contain references to some of my other fics. Also contains LOTS of swearing, mostly on Dan's part.

A quick note : Dan and Remus are NOT related, they just look alike. So when they say they are cousins, they are lying.

Dan busied himself with collecting two towels for him and Remus to use
once they get out of the shower. Remus trailed behind, unsure of what
to do, "So," Remus asked, "Does your wife usually go around throwing
potatoes at people?"

"Well , as far as I know, she's only done it the once and that was
about three years ago." Dan replied, in the tone of voice that said the
subject matter was closed from further discussion. "Now get undressed,
before all the hot water has gone." He ordered, pulling off his own
clothes until he was standing in just his underwear. His skin dyed a slight
red where the potion had dripped.

To read the rest of the fic, please go here.


Reviews are appreciated...


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