"Everybody is somebody's fool" (msmatty35) wrote in magical_m,
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Boy, it's over

So this hasn't been updated in like ... FOREVER ... 

But for the few that do pass through here every now and then just now that we are in full "Deathly Hallows" Discussion mode over in MM ... in the book 7 forum there are a lot of threads ... some are general book 7 discussions and others deal directly with certain characters, like Severus Snape ... there is also a Book 7 BookClub which is starting on 07/25/07 in which we will do an indepth chapter by chapter book discussion of book 7.  Best way to dissect the last book and every detail of it ... So join in on the fun if you like ... it is not necessary to participate in every chapter discussion but if you do it will be fun and you get lots and lots of points ...

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