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Places to see, Points to Earn

Hi Everyone .... 

I just wanted to point out that there are some new Points Earning/Participation ladden opportunities at MM ... 

Honeydukes Sweetshop - The Place to dish about your favorite HP Pairings(Canon & Fanon)
: Mai from Gryffndor House

1. Check out the new Rules Thread where points opportunites are outlined. 
2. POLL : Should certain Fanfic Pairings be Restricted? 
3. POLL : Where you surprised by the Canon Pairings of...
4. SURVEY : Getting to know your fellow shippers
5. CREATIVE WRITING : Honeydukes Monthly Dating Service 

The Library Forums - Whizzhard Books, Muggle Books, Madam Pince's Archive Forum 
Moderator : Riyo from Slytherin House 

1. In Whizzhard's check out "Fanfic News" Section for the latest updates
2. For the MM Fanfic Archives check out the "Announcements Section

The Three Broomsticks - Off Topic Discussions
Moderator : kB from
Hufflepuff House 

. Submit your Favorite Films/TV Quotes - See them on top of the forum & Earn Points! 
2. Participate in many Off-Topic discussions or create some! 

The Ice Cream Parlor - HP Films Discussions
: Carolyn from Ravenclaw House 

1. HP Quotes Central - Submit your favorite HP Quotes & Earn Points 
2. Join the discussions on the 5th HP Movie
3. POLL : Which Scene is it? 
4. POLL : GoF DVD, Love it? 
5. POLL : Who do you want to see most? 
6. POLL : Indecent Proposal? 
7. POLL : Favorite Alan Rickman Film? 

See? Lots to do! Have Fun!
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