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MM FanFic Challenges are back!

After a few months of being away, due in part to the EzHacker crap, the MM Fanfic Challenge is now back ...

Points Available : You can earn up to 150 Points ... 50 Points for Submitting an Entry and an additional 100 Points for your Entry coming out on top after the Voting once all the entries have been submitted ....

Deadline for Submitting Entries : November 11th

Voting Deadline : November 12th to the 28th

Objective : Write a One Chapter fanfic Set on Halloween Night. It can include Canon-Characters and Non-Canon(characters not found in the HP World). This can be a comedy, a mystery, a romance, a horror tale, whatever you like. It just has to be set on Halloween Night so you have A LOT of room for creativity.


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