"Everybody is somebody's fool" (msmatty35) wrote in magical_m,
"Everybody is somebody's fool"

September 05 MM Announcements

Hi Everyone ... Please make sure that you check out the Updated Announcements over at MM which you can view by clicking HERE Basically they highlight some minor changes, mainly in sorting and applying for membership at MM.  Also, it talks about New House Shields that will replace your House Name underneath your screename over at MM and how to go about requesting them so that you are one of the first to get them ...

I've added the link to the new MM application in our Community info Page ... However people should Follow the 2 Step Application Process to expedite the application process... It's fairly simple so it's nothing to worry about ...

What else? Oh yes, I've revamped the Sorting Hat Quiz .. now with people having to wait until they reach 20 posts to be sorted they should have more of a feel for the board and this Quiz makes it extremely difficult to cheat to get a particular House .. what do we hope to accomplish by all these changes?  We hope to get members that will actually participate in the board.  Not just post once or twice and then leave ... People like that vex me because we go through the trouble of sorting them and then they never bother to return ..

Alrighty, Carry on ...

Tags: announcements, application, rules, sorting hat
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