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Semi Annual House Makeovers ... Hufflepuff

Attention Hufflepuffs ... Have you been by your House lately?  How about the lovely Visitors?

Well every 6 months is the MM House Cup Celebration and every time that comes around, about a month or two before it the Houses receive a makeover .. be it of their colors or just the Banners ... Hufflepuff has been the first to have been made over ... So go over there and take a look ... If you are a member of Hufflepuff  or a Visitor then click HERE to go to the House otherwise you will have to wait until Open House Week to see the new revamped House ...

PS : For the other Houses, I will make you over as well .. Patience is the Key ;o)

ETA : I also finished Gryffindor .. Go HERE Gryffins

ETA : I just did Ravenclaw !!! so Ravens go HERE
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